Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Mike Filsaime's View On GoDaddy:--

The reason I do not use is not a secret. They have things in their TOS that can come back to haunt you. They are not affiliate marketer friendly. More on that in a minute.

They do not offer toll free service and they will sometimes bill your account (as stated in their TOS) if they are required to do any maintenance on your account… i.e. respond to a customer complaint about your site. You may find fees being billed to you for such items.
Also, if you get a SPAM complaint it can be more damaging than you ever dreamed possible. No do not get me wrong, SPAM is bad, but we must remember, we live in a world that has morons in it. They may join your newsletter and scream spam to your host and registrar the next day.

Or you may have a newbie affiliate that promotes your site via SPAM and it may come down on you.
NOTE: Even if you do not host with, they still control your domain name. They are one of the only registrars that deal with SPAM complaints. Namecheap, and most others, do not tolerate SPAM, but will refer the client to complain to the Web Host, not the registrar. will send you an email about any SPAM complaints in which you only have 24 hours to respond. If you do respond, they will ask you to pay a fee of about $179 (About 20 years of domain registration costs.)
If you do not respond in 24 hours, they point your domain to a URL like Spamand- and they will not let you login to your account. You lose access to all email and support desks etc you have on the site. Your customers can not reach you by email and your site is out of business until you get this resolved.

This can take up to 3 weeks if they allow you to have the domain back. You see, will tell you that under the ICANN regulations, they have the right to take ownership of your domain or resell it to someone else if they see fit. Imagine, having a site for 10 years that is making you $10,000 per month, and one day, a person recommends your site in an email and you get a SPAM complaint and you lose your site forever.
What is worse, they do not handle this by phone. You can only deal with this situation via email and they will not even tell you if they received your email, only that they will deal with the issue on a first come first serve basis.

This can take weeks and cost you thousands in lost sales, not to mention your loss of creditability.

The abuse dept at Godaddy is a HUGE revenue source for them and they make a fortune on unsuspecting customers that have been with them for years. If you are wondering how I know this so well… I had this problem with them in 2005 and lost over $40,000 in sales and refunds and took over 3 weeks to get my site back.


* Complete bandwidth redundancy via multiple OC-48 peering partners.

* Complete network device redundancy providing multiple network paths to any destination.

* Enterprise Class routers and switches provide state-of-the-art scalabilty and management features.

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* Juniper Networks NetScreen-5GT VPN / Firewall - 5GT Extended 4000 Concurrent Sessions

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Clue Design offers a variety of plans on our dedicated servers to meet your Windows and .NET hosting needs. Hosted in a multi-tiered Enterprise Class network, our servers provide the performance, security and reliability you need to host your high end web sites and applications.

Server Software Details:

* Windows Server 2003.
* Windows .NET Framework 3.5.
* Server Objects Component Bundle.
* Persits ASP Email Premium.
* Persits ASP Upload.
* Persits Asp Encrypt.
* Persits Asp Jpeg.
* Persits Asp Grid.
* Dynu COM Package.
* Visual ASP Component Pack.
* Compsys Intr Chart.

Web Server & Database Hardware Details:

e400v - Enterprise Class Server/s
Dell PowerEdge 2950 server. The E400 is a powerful and scalable server. It has dual Quad Core Xeon processors, 8GB of RAM and three 146GB SAS drives run in RAID 10. This combination makes it perfect for a mission critical websites & web applications.

All web servers and database servers are seperate. SQL Database servers run on their own standalone SQL servers hardware specifications are the same.